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The Trend Vs. You

March 28, 2017
The Trend Vs. You

Once upon a time matchy-matchy  was a thing then it wasn’t and then within a blink it is back in again and then it’s not. It gets exhausting, this trend thing. I’m drenched in all blue today not because it’s the vogue or maybe it is I’m not particularly sure, do you know why? It’s because I really don’t like the trend to dictate to me what to wear, the weather maybe, but never the trend. The truth is the less you pay attention to the mood swings of trend the less of a prisoner you are to it. I always feel no trend ever really goes away, attention only just shifts momentarily in the direction of the interest of the ‘shot callers’. It is always up to you to make the most of whatever resides in your wardrobe.

I got the blues


Going mad for the trend means you are ok looking like the person standing right next to you, the only difference probably being that you’ve got a different hairstyle or nail polish colour. I call this the ‘same-difference Syndrome’. When you dress up, don’t try to look like this or that blogger or that celebrity, I remember making this mistake in my early days of blogging, I’ve learnt. Yes, be inspired but how about injecting a lot of your own idea into all of it, personalise it, make the twists and turns that ultimately makes it your own. You never know who you might wow and (equally) inspire with your ingenuity soon as you step out the door.


I got the blues

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with keeping tabs on the trend, after all we all need a little bit of guide of some sort as to where we are headed. The world is changing every single minute and we need to stay on top of things when it comes to change and progress, so I’d say use it as a guide rather than see it as the actual destination. Be inspired by it, be in the now by it but don’t get swallowed up by it.

I got the blues


Free your mind, there are many possibilities to be explored with your clothes. Never call any of your clothes old, they are new if only you can look in deeper every so often and avoid the temptations of the exciting new trend every time it comes calling 🙂

I’m Wearing;

Jacket; Vintage Similar HERE

Pants; Matalan Similar HERE

Jumper; H&M Similar HERE

Boots; Zara Similar HERE

Bag; Monki Similar HERE

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  • Reply Londile Black March 29, 2017 at 11:35 am

    I totally agree. The minute you follow trends it’s like going with the wind. if it blows left, you’re there. If it blows right, you’re also there. I always say, when you buy something, buy it because you love it not because it is the latest in thing and when you wear it you must feel good in it. When I buy something that’s trending is because I genuinely love it. There a trends that have come and gone which I’ve never owned and I’m cool with that. I buy what makes me look and feel good…

    • Reply Editor Ada March 30, 2017 at 11:04 pm

      Absolutely Londile. YOU, comes first! X

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