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February 28, 2017
Iris & Lilly Lingerie

So apart from make-up and the actual outfit for the day, one other thing that we as ladies should always carefully consider before stepping out the door is what goes on behind the scenes… I mean Lingerie! Before you jump right into how well you plan on looking outwardly, always bear in mind that it is important to lay a good foundation. Comfort and confidence from within is imperative for pulling off a look.

I am quite bursty, and when I say  bursty I mean a ridiculous 36F (I know right!).  So you would understand when I say the quality and strength of my underwear means a whole lot to me and if I don’t get it right I’ll be operating on zero confidence levels which to be honest is not an option. For this reason, most of my life I’ve kind of stuck to one brand of underwear and I know I’m not alone in this.  I have however been lucky to try out Iris and Lilly Lingerie and I’m absolutely loving it!!! It has all the excellent qualities that a good underwear should have, soft, smooth, fits like a glove and most of all guess what, It’s super affordable!…. Finally I have found what I’ve been looking for!

Today I have styled 3 outfits and would talk you through how each of my Iris and Lilly underwear has helped boost my confidence.



I chose the black and red set for my dress outfit because the soft fabric blends fabulously with my delicate Tulle dress. It’s a light feeling all day long, no wonder I literally can’t stop smilling! 😉 It is also nice to see that perfect uplift and support a wired Iris & Lilly Bra has provided for my boobs, making it look great ( Maybe even smaller than it actually is!… for me, that’s a 10/10).

Iris & Lilly Lingerie

Iris & Lilly Lingerie




For my second look, I have chosen to put on the Pink set. Again, it is about the soft and comfortable feeling. Sweatshirts can get quite warm. Having the right fabric of underwear will help balance temperatures. Also, My sweatshirt is bulky, I do not really want to go bulky underneath to make for an entirely bulky situation… remember comfort is key. The uplift of this wired bra did raise my confidence to go on and take on the day.




It is not just about the bra, your knickers matter too. It’s hard sometimes to find ones that sit well without pinching, pulling or that generally makes one feel uncomfortable and very conscious of our behind. Wearing my Iris & Lilly thong means I don’t have to worry about the highly dreaded  VPL (Visible Panty Lines)… It is forbidden so I’m very pleased to have this fixed!



Iris & Lilly Lingerie

Aaah! That love affair between a great underwear and a fitting T-shirt. Let me tell you ladies, the true test of the quality of a bra is that good old T-shirt. If you’ve got it wrong, your T-shirt is quick to show it. There will be no place to hide or take cover. Bearing this in mind, I have gone for the black Iris & Lilly set.  The bra is also wired and has a full and thicker coverage so it is easy to achieve that smooth feel when worn with a Tee. The knickers feel very soft against my leather pants… easy breezy lace briefs, whats not to love?








I’m Wearing; 

IRIS & LILLY Women’s Valentine Thong: Pink HERE

IRIS & LILLY Women’s Soft Lace Bikini Brief: BLACK HERE

IRIS & LILLY Women’s Valentine Bikini: BLACK HERE

IRIS & LILLY Women’s Valentine DD+ Everyday Bra: Black and PINK HERE

IRIS & LILLY Women’s Core Glamour Full Brief with Lace: BLACK HERE

IRIS & LILLY Women’s Core Glamour Non Padded Bra: BLACK, Nude Pale and Purple HERE

IRIS & LILLY Women’s Core Glamour High Leg Brief with Lace: Pale Nude and Purple HERE

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  • Reply Londile Black March 1, 2017 at 7:50 am

    May i say all four looks are on point!!! plus we’re gearing up for colder days here in South Africa. I totally agree with you on the importance of women wearing good lingerie, good fitting lingerie that is. Some women often neglect that part of their wardrobe and it is so essential. When a bra fits well on you, not only do you feel good but the clothes on you look good too…

    • Reply Editor Ada March 4, 2017 at 1:01 pm

      Yea Londile, confidence starts from within so you really want to get your underwear decisions right.Thank you Londile! X

  • Reply Laura March 18, 2017 at 7:57 am

    Hey there – great outfits. Do you have the links to buy the clothing items featured?

    • Reply Editor Ada March 18, 2017 at 7:29 pm

      hi Laura! Tanks so much. The links are down below the post. or click on the images of similar items down below. Good luck babes!

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