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Cocktails and Dinner at Shiro Lagos (Sponsored)

July 25, 2017
Cocktails and Dinner at Shiro Lagos (Sponsored)

So one of my highlights of Lagos was visiting this Swanky Pan-Asian restaurant called Shiro. Soon as I walked in the mere grandeur of their interior took my breath away. Massive sculptures  in every corner, sky high roof finished off with Bamboo, Glass ‘tear-drop’ space dividers, cozy lights and the sound of the coolest old school music coming out from God knows where. The whole ambiance was absolutely everything. At this point I’m thinking how great their food and service must with such attention to detail.

I walked right through to the outdoor relaxation area and it turns out they also have a private beach!!!! Like I don’t get this in Aberdeen where I live. This is bloody amazing! I was at Shiro with my absolute babe Fifi (Lagos Streetstyle) and we decided to start out on the beach side. We were served all sorts of cocktails, actually 8 of them and the waiters were kind enough to tell us their names. There was Velvet Kimono, Mojito, Orange & Mint Virgin Mojito, Apple Cinnamon Yortini, YamaGuchi Sunset, Secret Garden, Espresso Martini and Forbidden necton and they were all beautifully presented. You bet I tasted each of them but my absolute favourite was the espresso Martini and the Velvet Kimino.

By now its dark outside so we decided to do dinner indoors. We were honoured to have the head Chef Priyank sit with us almost the entire time as he told us a lot about their food, his inspiration for his menu and in general his passion for cooking. If this doesn’t tell you about how super their customer service is then I don’t know what will. I couldn’t count how many dishes we were served that night but It was a lot! Priyank was quite the host. Everything tasted super fresh and rich. I was really impressed by the Suya Sushi he created. Adapting sushi to the Nigerian culture… great Job Priyank! Dessert was even more amazing. A perfect finish to an already wonderful experience.

If you live in Lagos or are planning to visit make sure you make a stop at Shiro and see for yourself all I’ve just gushed about.

Thanks for having me SHIRO!

Cocktails and Dinner at Shiro Lagos (Sponsored)



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  • Reply Maureen Gitau July 27, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    This is flipping gorgeous! I am all the way in Nairobi comtemplating booking a flight for this, seriously. Beautiful.

    • Reply Ada August 16, 2017 at 10:20 am

      Hahahah! It is an amazing place and the customer service is off the handle! Loved every single minute I spent there. If you ever visit Lagos make sure you visit! XXX

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