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Pink Pant-er (Pt 1.)

July 9, 2017
Pink Pant-er (Pt 1.)

Once upon a time I used to be really petrified by bright coloured pants. To me it was just wrong and unflattering. I don’t think I ever even tried bright coloured jeans when it was the rave. The good thing about my fashion spirit though is that I’m willing to take a plunge and tryout the most ridiculous ideas and see what I can make of it even if it is not in my comfort zone. So anyway, a while ago I found these pink pant without having an idea what I was going to do with it, I still went ahead and  bought them. They have been sitting in my wardrobe for months cause I just couldn’t figure it out. The good news at this point though is that the  light bulb in my head has finally sparkled on all things pink pant-s. I’m widely and insanely in love! I’m going to do a 2 part story on how these pink pant-s makes the world of difference to my wardrobe and how no other pants I own screams ME more than these pair… can’t believe it even took me this long! No doubt I love colours (lot and lots). The more vibrant the better! I’m thinking this must be one of the reasons I decided to take a chance and purchase these pants in the first place even when I had no plans for them. To be honest with you I thought the day would actually never come. I might have a few things that share this same thought sitting and rotting away in my wardrobe right now. These pants have given me inspiration and courage to jump right in, whats the worst that can happen? Maybe I scare you away maybe I don’t, I really hope you stay though! 🙂

Now unto my outfit… Not surprisingly at all, as if the loud pink  pants isn’t enough dazzle for one day I’ve gone ahead and paired them with some gorgeous yellow tights and an all too amazing brightly coloured geometric jumper I found Vintage shopping (as per U-sh)…by the way the best jumper in my Wardrobe right now. To tone down the colour party I have thrown on a grey oversized man-blazer and a decent black pair of boots I got sales-shopping in Zara recently and Viola, rainbow sister staring you right in your faces!

My point with this look is, I love to have pieces in my wardrobe that makes me think, pieces that brings out the crazy in me, pieces that allows me express my thoughts and feelings. Often times I try to tame me but I end up looking out of place, I feel out of place.  I let only one thing drive me these days and that is ‘being myself’ regardless.  These pants with its odd oversized shape and colour was the right ingredient I needed in a long time to be my real self again. Often times I don’t find pieces that gives me a buzz the way I want when high street shopping. I’m always looking for more, I guess thats why these days I check myself into vintage shops and thrifting more than  I have ever done. I’m in search of adventure, I’m in search of spontaneity, I’m in search of the odd things, the real good organic fun! I’m beginning to like fast fashion a bit less and less which I guess shows my style journey and self discovery. I’m very excited to find out a lot more about my real style as opposed to trying to fit in.

Don’t even get me started with my choice of location to shoot this outfit. Anther set of beautiful staff who love what I do and were happy to let me play around and brighten up their space. It was a pleasure guys in case you are reading, thanks a lot! And to you my lovely readers I hope you come back for my next edit on pink pants coming your way shortly. Have an amazing weekend guys! Love always.. Ada XX

I’m Wearing;

Jumper; Vintage Similar HERE

Bag; Monki Similar HERE

Boots; Zara Similar HERE

Tights; Ebay Similar HERE

Pants; M&S Similar HERE

Jacket; Thrifted Similar HERE

Sunglasses; H&M Similar HERE


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  • Reply Anasia August 15, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    I love this LOOK! I love the contrast between the pink and the yellow. I love the clutch, & the oversized blazer.

    • Reply Ada August 16, 2017 at 10:11 am

      Thank you so much babe! x

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