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This rain is driving me insane!

July 2, 2017
This rain is driving me insane!

It had been chucking buckets for 2 days in a row as at when I did this shoot and it’s supposed to be summer so, I have decided to come clean and talk about the challenges I face being a blogger under the British gloomy skies instead of another glamorous post that never really says it how it is. Everyone who lives especially in Scotland can tell you a good weather day is luxury. Here, when the skies entertains sunshine for a day or 2 it makes sure it pisses it down in retaliation for 5 days non stop. How unfair is that? So basically, when its all sunny and dandy I don’t get all carried away I get paranoid because  I’m on one side dusting and shinning my rain boots preparing to kick my way through puddles in days ahead. I welcome you to Scotland people! The rain, the clouds, the cold, the wind, a couple of sunshine here and there and then we are back at one.

It’s been ages since I was last in my home country Nigeria which I hope to be visiting in the next couple of weeks(Eeeeeek so excited!). I remember how very hot it used to be, so much sunshine it got on my nerves so much so that when it rained I just thought real cozy happy thoughts. You know those thoughts of wanting to be in a blanket with popcorn watching a nice movie while the drops made good music outside your window? Rain was bliss for me back then, not now, not anymore! Now it just gets me moody. TI have had to deal with  far too much rain in the past years I want to go back home and just sit outside all day and literally melt in the sun. Someone once said to me, ”babes you really make Aberdeen look sunny , how do you do it?” The truth is I make the most of the good days, like 100% sapping all the possible goodness of a good day. Today however, I’ve decided to just stay in the rain and do my thing regardless. Life as we all know isn’t in fact always as hunky-dory as we are made to beleive , it gets real shitty sometimes but we on social media always down play that side whilst portraying only the positives which I suppose is what the job is all about but at the same time I think every now and then it’s ok to get real show it as it really is.

The truth is It gets hard behind the scenes, from planning right up to shooting. It is not always fun and games . Many times I have had to deal with days like this which is especially frustrating when you take your photos yourself, sometimes I just pack up my planned outfits and head right back home but today I decided I can’t keep running away from reality neither can I stay away from getting my job done. The British Weather is the British Weather, it’s never going to change.They say if you can’t beat ’em you join ’em so come rain or hale storm the show goes on.

In life in general I believe it’s best not to allow the odd situations get in the way of what you want to achieve because at the end of the day circumstances will never be perfect. There is always a million excuses not to pursue a goal but I find that the people who make it are those who never run away from challenges but those that make any situation(good or bad) work to their advantage.I hear happiness is a thing of the mind, It’s a choice you make, how do you deal with tough life situations, how do you keep afloat when everything around you seems like it’s tumbling down? I genuinely want to know… yours truly. Ada XXX.

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  • Reply Marissa July 3, 2017 at 7:55 am

    I think these captures you took were exceptional! You especially looked stoic and chic in your raincoat. I have to say I really loved your authenticity on British weather. Often times without knowing it we let it dictate our moods and I can’t imagine how much harder it must be when it obstructs your work. Thank you for encouraging others to look on the brighter side and champion on whatever the weather!

    • Reply Ada July 4, 2017 at 10:00 pm

      Aww thank you babes!!! Not event British skies can stop us!XXX

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