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Am I French Yet

October 25, 2017
Am I French Yet

Hi you gorgeous People! It feels like it has been years since I was last here even though in real time it’s just 2 weeks and well maybe some days too. About that guys… I broke my camera, my lens my everything!!! I was shooting as usual and the autumn winds blew and toppled the entire thing over and obviously unless I was ‘FLASH’ himself, there was no way I could catch it mid air and save myself all the camera grief I have had in the past weeks. However let me say that the last 2 week has thought me a lot. Besides a 2 weeks total Social media cleanse dare I say is fantastic for the soul. It’s good for your health, your marriage and life in generally hahaha! Honestly I’m telling you something here, best belie-dat!  

Today Im trying to tap into the French style. How best to to try to be French than to start with a beret and slip dress. Lets call this how to style like the French 101. I keep  trying to learn and understand how they look so good and effortlessly too but It’s hard to nail the ‘French look’. It has to come naturally but since it’s not natural for me so I just try and try (maybe too hard lol). Good thing is I never give up so here I am trying again!Its perfect timing that I have my hair braided cause all my hats and head gears are kind of now taking centre stage, lets just say I love me a little ‘head’ start.

This is  a very laid back look but the blazer kind of finished it off in a semi casual semi formal kind of way that I’m liking a lot. I’m sure we all already know that slip dresses are not as we used to know them before. They are as good for the office and any other situation as they are for the bedroom. In fact I think girls wear them more now out on the street than in the bedroom Lol! Its a key piece to have no doubts about that one at all.

Am I French Yet

By the way Guys my first Youtube Video Launches this Friday! I can’t even tell you how excited I am about my new venture. Nerve racking and all but so completely worth it. Yea, remember I said the last 2 weeks thought me a lot of things, part of it was learning how to navigate the whole Youtube thing and actually work on getting started. My Camera breaking was probs a blessing in disguise cos not only am I back  with everything all intact and insured(I fear no winds no more!) I’m also up and running in the Youtube department so yea, whats that thing they say about when life gives you lemons? Watta hella lemonade I just made! Cheers to that! Lots of love… Ada X

I’m Wearing;

Blazer; Thrifted Similar HERE

Dress; Topshop Similar HERE

Boots; Zara Similar HERE

Bag; H&M Similar HERE

Hat; M&S Similar HERE

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