About Ada Oguntodu

about2I remember back in the days since I was 5, if I had finished my chores and homework and had nothing to do, I would be head deep in my wardrobe pairing what little I had in it trying to create looks. I always burdened my siblings with the task to approve or disapprove whatever I was able to come up with. This habit never stopped, leading to the start of my blog.

Noordinaryshe is here to help me formally document looks that I create, otherwise known as ‘taking my pleasure seriously’ and also to inspire every one of you on everyday styling, fashion trend, beauty and shopping tips and how to maximise your wardrobe collection. I would have to confess at this point that I love bargains and do most of my shopping when prices are a bit friendlier… My secret to having many clothes!

So, if you are on the search for constant styling updates and general fashion fun, you have come to the right place. Kick back and relax and let’s have some fun!!! X