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Its a hat Affair

October 4, 2017

Hi my darlings!  I find it quite hard to impress myself these days. I find I overthink what I have to post on here. I really want to be more inspiring and do better with my job as a blogger. I don’t want just another post, another box ticking exercise, no. Even if this means the post are not the most frequent of posts but then I’ll be happy that I can give you better quality. I think that would…

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How to wear pink

September 15, 2017
How to wear pink

We are no longer to be ashamed of wearing pink as grown ups in public. It’s amazing how once upon a time (in fact, not too long ago) the opposite used to be the case. Now it’s literally everywhere. The reason I decided to do this post however is because I’m beginning to forget how to wear it without looking for the next red thing to go with it. I guess it’s an easy option because let’s be honest the…

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How to Nail the 80’s!!!

September 7, 2017
How to Nail the 80's!!!

So you know I’m big on taking it back in time. From redefining sports wear to sharp  power shoulders, the crazy extra extra large jackets, big bold earrings, basically the 80’s is making a massive come back! The silhouette of the past is everything but demure. You have to be ready to go all out  both in colours and in sizing… I call it the spirit of excess! If you have been wondering how you can get in with this…

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