I might not be able to cover all the questions that you might have, but I have tried cutting across some popular questions I know would make a great start for now and then I will be updating this page regularly to reflect the questions I get most from my social media.

1.What Camera do you use?

Nikon D3100 50MM/F 1.4. As time goes on however I have plans to upgrade. I will be sure to let you know when this happens.

2.Who takes your Photos?

It’s all me except otherwise stated. I use my Remote control to trigger my Cam Shutter… Cool stuff! It can be quite daunting though running back and forth but totally worth it.

3.Do you Photoshop your pictures before posting?

Yes I do, however as an amateur I only currently know the basics. So, all I can manage for now is improving colour balance, sharpen or reduce noise, nothing quite advanced yet so what you see is pretty much the picture as it was taken originally only more vivid.

4.What are your favourite photo edit apps?

VSCO Cam and Snapseed.

5.What is your Original Discipline?

I’m a law graduate currently working as an accountant… yikes!!! Too much going on in my head! Fashion will always be my first love though.

6.Do you work-out?

Yes I do. 4 days a week…I’m half dead by the end of the week haha!!!!

7.What are you most favourite shops?

I shop any and everywhere really. My top 3, no 5 would be Topshop, Primark, H&M, Charity Shops and Zara.

8.Any shopping tips?

Shop more during sales, that way you get more without having to go broke trying to look good.

9.What Inspires you?

I get my inspiration from everywhere, when walking on the streets, social media, apps like Pinterest, magazines, TV ads… like I said, everywhere.

10.How do you balance work, family and blogging?

I’ll be honest, I’m constantly exhausted but truly loving every bit of bit. Taking a few days off doing close to nothing helps sometimes.

11.What is your height?

I’m a decent 5Ft 4in.